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Welcome to my website Escape The 9 To 5 that will tell you how I got involved with affiliate marketing on the internet. Many want a way to supplement or replace your job with something that gives you more control of your life on how we make money. I got my Master’s in elementary education while I was in the Air Force Reserve. Learning was always a struggle to go around my learning disability even though I still liked to learn new things.    focus Before retiring part-time with the Air Force reserves in 2015, I was looking for an internet business to supplement my income, have fun in the process while making money to do other creative things and continue to teach part-time on my terms. I did not want to be stuck in another 9 to 5 career that I would dread and resent. It takes the fun and creativity out of you. First, let me tell you a little more about myself.

Flying High

My Background

I knew about affiliate businesses on the internet and the great potential of making money online. I didn’t know how to go about it. I invested $10,000 over the course of time and not really knowing what I was doing so I pulled the plug. Investing $10,000 for an internet business seemed like a low risk even though it stung to lose it.

I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in student loans towards all my degrees and certificates I received that took years to complete. I thought I would end up with a good paying job to support my growing family. Well, it was an eye-opener what a racket the higher education system has become to get you in debt and leave you with a heartache. After all you hard work, you have the expectations of a good job while you’re at the mercy of the current economy.

After I licked my battle scares of the $10,000 loss, I was still looking for an internet business trying to bypass all the hype and con artist that act like slick phony television evangelist on the internet business. I finally came across a reputable mentoring system called Wealthy Affiliate (WA) that trains you step by step. I couldn’t believe it was free to start while you get your feet wet. As a teacher, I was impressed with the lesson’s layout and how they have incorporated different learning styles and their integrity. You can go at your own pace or dive right into it to reach your goals faster. Never has technology made it more possible today to accelerate the growth to make money faster than before. Let me further back up and tell you even some more about myself.

I like to read biographies of various people.  read It fascinates me and inspires me what we can pull from their stories to relate to areas in our life and hopefully make improvements. So, I decided to write a memoir book myself. The first book centers around the journey I experienced when I was a teen going into young adult hood that shaped me into my life. I thought maybe there will be people that they can relate to from their experiences and help them in someway. I wrote this over a period while I was on active duty in the Air Force Reserves. It is now going through the editing process to be published in the next year.

Space the final frontierIn life, I have been an explorer, I write explorer because for the longest time I wondered why I had a wide range of interest in various career paths. It was always hard to fit into the 9 to 5 mold of making a living for my family. I had not the financial success I wanted in many of my endeavors, but it paid the bills and I was able to raise a family after forty years as I weathered the storms of life as they came up.

I didn’t end up on the street to live, but I  have experienced getting food out of trash dumpsters a few times in my late teens and my family and I lived in our car for a short time when I graduated from college in between jobs. I had spent tens of thousands of dollars in my education towards student loans to get my degrees and certificates that didn’t get me that golden ticket of a job.

My mother would say, “You are an explorer like you father and myself.  She further Mountainelaborated in her theatrical way as she took another puff on her cigarette and sipped on her wine and said, “We are all just curious what is on the other side of the mountain even though we don’t always reach the top.” That stuck to me.

So, to highlight my careers as an explorer in life experiences they are and have been as follows: Author, Actor, ADHD Survivor, Bodybuilder, Play Director and Producer, Entrepreneur, Father, Grandparent, Husband, Minister, Teacher, and 24 years US Army National Guard and Air Force Reserve Veteran.                                      

                                                                                       (Dad & Mom)

Further Family Background     Shakespeare

I respected my parents’ individual creative personalities and passion for life. My parents dabbled in theater and film and I followed their interest by dabbling myself with acting, writing a play and produced and wrote a screen play. My theater debut was as the age of five being in a play with my father.

I admired some of my family members achievements in the entertainment industry. You could say they were my mentors of inspiration and voice of experience. Those that are interested in film history this may interest you.     clapboard

My great-uncle Eddie Laughton was an English film actor that appeared in over   Great Uncle George Seaton200   films. He changed the spelling of his last name from Loughton to Laughton slightly for professional reasons. Loughton is my middle name. My great Aunt Phyllis Seaton (Loughton) was the first woman stage manager on Broadway, voice coach for some of the highest stars in Hollywood in the Golden Era with Paramount studios and then later became the first woman mayor of Beverly Hills. My great Uncle George Seaton, one of his credits as an Academy Award-winning Uncle Eric Emmyscreen writer and director of “Miracle on 34Th Street” (1947) with Natalie Wood and Maureen O’Hara. My Uncle Eric Freiwald was an American TV writer. A couple of his credits are the daytime television serial, The Young and the Restless and wrote 188 episodes of Lassie between 1957 and 1965.mold I would often fantasize of their lifestyle what it would be like to live in their shoes. They made their mark. I wondered what would be mine as I grew up?

Growing up, a separate chapter in my book that I go more in detail. I had a progressive hearing loss at the age of five that I recovered from over time. I had also a learning disability that I was not aware of for the longest time. Learning was a challenge in school. I thought everyone learned the same way. You either got it or you didn’t when it came to cognitive skills.

It would be years until I discovered I had attention deficit disorder (ADD). Once I became more aware of my ADD and my personal learning style, I took the steps to make the changes to help to live with it and to keep it under control. I started to let ADD work for me and not against me. I had to really struggle in school and my parents did what they could with the resources they had. I believed I could not learn as well compared to some of my peers and my siblings. My father tried to humor me once in writing a comment in my report card to my teacher and wrote. “Judson would learn better if he just removed the watermelon and potatoes in his ears.”
you can do it

Despite my challenges, I did learn the lesson of perseverance through the years to accomplish some of my goals even though I did not have the financial success I hoped for.

I am blessed to know part of my family roots and accomplishments. Their voices in my head I will always remember. They had dreams and ran with it and worked hard to achieve it. I know it was not always easy for them and they had their struggles. The fact they did it inspired my creative side not to always conform to the masses. It strangles your individual spirit when you submit to making a living with 9 to 5 jobs that often lacks energy and drudgery. I had always tried to avoid the rat race, maybe it was more my ADD.

Why I Want to Help People      Swim in life

There are all kinds of ways to make money, but you want to be smart about it. I want to help as many people as I can to not make the same mistakes that I did. I want to point you in the right direction to be successful with affiliate marketing online.

I was taught to spend thousands of dollars on formal education that takes years to accomplish and you often end up in debt over it that takes years to pay off…if you can. Then hope for a job that will make a decent living. Not everyone can take that route. Right now, making money through affiliate marking makes it possible at a faster rate than before using the internet system. You just got to find the right fit. Don’t let it pass you by.

The Goal of My Website    enjoy

The goal of my website is to help you find that fit through WA. The training starts out free of charge. When your ready, you can upgrade. They have over 10 years of experience behind them. You can continue to search for hours on the web if you want. You got to avoid going through all the hype and avoid all those con artist that act like those phony television evangelist as the experts with the internet business. It does not cost nearly as much as a college degree. You don’t have to invest $10,000 like I did and ended up losing it.

With WA it does not take long to learn the skills when your persistent with your goals and dreams. It is possible to get a full-time cash flow that will give you the extra free time with their family and friends and push towards your personal dreams to escape the 9 to 5 traps.  To discover more about Wealthy Affiliate, Click HERE NOW ==> WA
Life Blessings on you,



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